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Point Source Microphones Capture the Fierce Fight Sounds of Cirque du Soleil’s R.U.N

Las Vegas, NV— Cirque de Soleil’s latest production, R.U.N, which opened November 14 at the Luxor in Las Vegas, continues to flip theater expectations with a little help from Point Source Audio microphones. A live-action graphic novel out to thrill, R.U.N delivers “back-alley fistfights, bike jumps, car chases, high falls, and body burns,” the sounds of which are captured in all of their visceral intensity through the inventive use of Point Source GO-8WM moldable microphones.

For more than 30 years, Cirque de Soleil has defied the limits of art and innovation as the largest contemporary circus company on the planet. Mesmerizing audiences on six continents, Cirque shows demolish boundaries—and with them, audience expectations—of immersive entertainment, technology, and sound.

Shifting from the ethereal acrobatics that has defined Cirque, R.U.N is a stunt show with special effects that pulse with physicality you can hear and feel: a ground- and body-breaking spectacle, seemingly forged from the sonic vision of globally renowned sound designer Jonathan Deans.

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Deans says he had a lightbulb moment with Point Source GO-8WM moldable microphones, which can be shaped into collar, halo, or headset mics. “We selected about eight artists and put the microphones on top of their heads,” he explains. “They’re running around like microphone stands, if you like, with the mic in close proximity to their physical noises—you know, the bang, punch, the ‘hunh!’”

Picture Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Point Source GO-8WMs feature miniature 3mm omni capsules, which discreetly pick up sounds all around the performers, and can handle up to 136 dB SPL. “The sounds are natural because they’re actually fighting,” says Deans. Read more >>

Your Mic is What You Make it!

Designed Specifically for Professional Theatre.

The moldable GO-8WM-SK starts out flat but can be shaped by an A2 or mic expert into a collar mic, halo mic, or a headset mic for the left or right side.

Accelerated Life Tested to 12,000 Bends.

Endure Microphones are hardwired with our proprietary Lemo-style connector for Sennheiser SK, Lectrosonics SSM and Shure Axient wireless packs. 

IP 57 Waterproof Rated.

All GO-8 mic elements are protected against damage from water, sweat and makeup. They’re immersible to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes without damage.

Tightest Tolerance in the Industry.

A tighter tolerance from ± 3dB to ± 2dB means you can count on a smaller difference from mic to mic. Our mics match closer than competitors.

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