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Introducing Ashly Audio

We are pleased to announce that Ashly Audio has joined our line of brands!

Ashly designs and builds innovative audio systems for churches, restaurants, hotels, schools, courtrooms, health clubs, council chambers -- anywhere that needs quality sound. With over 45+ years of experience, Ashly has developed the ability to merge easy-to-use control software, DSP-laden smart power amplifiers, matrix processors, ingenious compact digital mixers, and good old-school analog signal processors into practical and affordable solutions.

Photo: Ashly - digiMIX18

With Ashly, you can fully utilize digital signal processing, DSP software, networking, iPad® and Dante® control to provide truly modern equipment for your projects.

Photo: Ashly - AW Series On-Wall Speakers

Ashly's products are designed to last. Whether it's a 3000-watt power amplifier or a digital matrix processor, one thing has always remained constant: Ashly's absolute bulletproof reliability. Many of the analog amplifiers and equipment continue to operate actively after 30 or 40 years. And when an Ashly product requires service, they provide the best support in the industry.

Ashly provides audio solutions for a variety of settings:

  • Conferencing

  • Paging

  • Background / Foreground Music

  • Noise Masking

  • Live Reinforcing

Photo: Ashly - Live Reinforcing - Auditorium

Transform Your Space with Ashly

Photo: Ashly - Hospitality / Retail Solutions

Ashly solutions begin with simple “in-a-box” solutions for the smallest restaurant or storefront, and culminate in multi-input, multi-zone, multi-floor systems distributed by Ethernet. We make all-in-one mixer-amplifiers, a wide range of smart power amps with digital signal processing, and two of the most compact, easy-to-use small mixers on the market.

Read more about Ashly by visiting: ashly.com


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