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Hot Brands to Buy this Summer!

Barco Residential

Barco Residential is bringing breathtaking imagery technology to home theaters with the Barco Orion CinemaScope projector. It was recently featured in an award-winning install by Achimedia.

At the core of the home cinema is a high-performance Barco Orion CinemaScope projector. This 1400 lumens model incorporates an all-glass lens and colour wheel that delivers exceptional color images with high contrast and sharpness. An auto-cropping feature detects the presence of the black bars in CinemaScope movies and automatically upscales the image to full HD (2560 x 1080) resolution.

The Barco Orion Cinemascope offers the same enhancements as the Barco Orion stable-mate, coupled with a stunning high-capacity 2.37:1 native aspect DLP engine, co-developed by Barco engineers in partnership with Texas Instruments. This original design allows a 2.35:1 film to be displayed in the home without the use of an anamorphic lens or by overshooting the projector to fill the screen. Married to this advancement in display device technology is Barco’s renowned image processing and implementation of our proprietary auto aspect ratio detection and scaling technologies.


Kordz is redefining the future of connectivity and resolution in the home with its line of cables. With audio, the consumer has much greater choice in speaker quality, placement, volume, and visibility. Cables and wires can allow for the possibility to make speakers as obvious or invisible as desired. Additionally, wiring a home with the proper network infrastructure allows for increased flexibility and performance. And Kordz Ultra HD/4K cables are a perfect fit for streaming high-quality videos.

The Kordz ONE Series HDMI Cables are everything you'd come to expect from Kordz, but now available in a bulk packaged form. ONE Series HDMI is flexible, compact and certified for your HDMI plug & play requirements. Each cable is individually tested as part of Kordz's strict production process and come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Stewart Audio

The Stewart Audio CAV50-1 allows amplification to be located in places normally off limits to standard amplifiers without compromising sound. And both the sub compact CVA-25-1 and CVA-50-1 are built to meet the rigorous demands of high quality commercial, industrial and Pro Audio sound installations. Low cost, lightweight and convection cooling make this Class D amplifier flexible enough for a broad range of applications requiring quiet amplification. With an extremely compact form factor, the CVA's allow amplification to be located in places normally off limits to standard amplifiers without compromising sound or power. The Plenum rating (UL 2043) and remote volume control further compliment the recessing options. Stewart Audio's Signal Sense Power Technology™ (SSPT™) ensures the amplifier is only powered when there is a signal present, saving energy and extending product life. Like all Stewart products, the CVA's are designed for sonic accuracy, high efficiency and extended duty cycles.

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