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InfoComm 2019 Orlando Recap

Recently in June, the International Sales team traveled to InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, Florida for the major AV event of the season. The show boasted some impressive statistics, showcasing over 950 exhibitors and receiving a record total of 44,129 attendees from 117 countries. Some of the brands represented by International Sales also received awards!

Brand Highlights

Attero Tech Collaborated with SoundTube, adding an Axiom Port to SoundTube Amps. This new set of products are ideal for small to medium sized retail, bar, restaurant, hospitality, spa, and educational venues. The combination of MSE Audio’s Soundtube Entertainment IPD-Hub 2 DSP Amplifier and Attero Tech’s Axiom in-wall audio extender plates and Axon C1 in-wall controller provide cost-effective and comprehensive audio solutions for these venues, while providing features typically available only in more expensive systems.

Atlas IED's Z Series is an all-in-one sound masking solution consisting of either a four-zone (Z4) or two-zone (Z2) high-definition acoustical system. It not only supplies high quality speech privacy, but also delivers high quality background music and paging. The Z Series includes a multitude of features enabling it to conform to most design requirements but remains intuitive enough for simple operation and quick installation.

Cleerline Fiber offered a number of cable solutions at the show, including the: Rugged Micro Distribution Fiber Optic Cable, Tactical Connector System, and 4K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cables. Cleerline SSF™ Rugged Micro Distribution fiber optic cable is designed to withstand harsh installations ranging from external conduit to indoor riser spaces. This cable is riser rated and features a sturdy UV-resistant PVC dual-jacket construction, plus fiberglass and aramid yarns. Rugged Micro Distribution is available in either multimode OM3 or single mode OS2 with 2, 6, or 12 optical fibers. The SSF™ Tactical Connector system is a great solution for situations in which cables frequently need to be changed. This two-piece system is made up of a duplex LC male plastic housing and a female LC duplex aluminum socket. Of note: this system is specifically designed for SSF™ mechanical splice connectors only!

Key Digital launched a series of Presentation Solutions products such as the KD-UPS52U, 4K/18G KD-App Ready universal presentation switcher and soft conferencing enabling interface with CEC Manager™. KD-UPS52U is a soft video conferencing enabling system designed for professional audio video installations in conference rooms, board rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, and more. AV Integrators can meet the demands of modern audio visual presentation solutions through the installation of Key Digital’s Presentation Solutions category and cost effective video conferencing software systems such as Skype, GoTo Meetings, and more.

Kordz's ONE, PRO, R.3, and PRS HDMI cables were just a handful of products at the Kordz booth. Kordz also partnered with Smart AV for a "Termination" challenge using its Cat6 push through connectors. The Kordz ONE Series HDMI Cables are everything you'd come to expect from Kordz, but now available in a bulk packaged form. ONE Series HDMI is flexible, compact and certified for your HDMI plug & play requirements. Each cable is individually tested and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Liberty AV brought innovation to Tech Support with Teleportivity, winning an InfoComm 2019 "Best of Show" award! Teleportivity is an instant information and live video help desk platform. With Teleportivity’s Instant Information and Live Support System, help can come to the customer from anywhere in the world, at the push of a button. Your support team can be available on-site, instantly, or even be working with multiple customers simultaneously. Which means happier customers, a more productive workforce, and more cost efficiencies.

Point Source Audio unveiled its CO2-8WD Headset Microphone with Dual Elements. Various demos were at the show, and the product was featured by rAVePubs. The CO2 Confidence Collection all have dual elements, each measuring a tiny 3mm, that offer built-in redundancy and comes in three styles: headset, lavalier, and in Point Source Audio’s patented EMBRACE™ embodiment. The CO2 dual elements maintain two of the company’s signature features: IP 57 waterproof rating (rated against water, sweat and makeup), and the “unbreakable” headset boom bendable up to 360° to bolster durability.

Stewart Audio introduced the FLX320-1-CV-D, a single channel, 70V/100V, 1/2 rack amplifier delivering 320W audio power with built in DSP, RS232 control and remote volume control. The FLX (pronounced FLEX) Series of amplifiers is the most versatile 1/2 rack amplifier Stewart has ever produced. The FLX320-1-CV-D provides 320 watts into a 4 Ohm load. At the heart of the amplifier is a robust, internal, full-function DSP designed to solve a multitude of your audio problems in just one enclosure. The DSP includes a full cross-point mixer, EQ, filters, limiters and much more. A USB port makes programming simple, fast and repeatable for large installations. The RVC and RS232 control allow volume control from a wide range of devices. In addition, the Dante™ network capability provides four network input audio channels and four network output audio channels. You won't find a more flexible combination of power output and processing in a comparable package on the market today.

VUE arrived at InfoComm with a number of new speaker solutions with its e-Class family of products, including Dante integration, QSC Q-Sys integration options, and Dante enabled IP audio distribution. Like their larger siblings, e-Class benefits from VUE's advanced technologies, including beryllium high-frequency components, purpose-engineered cone frequency drivers with oversized voice coils and powerful neodymium circuits, as well as precision crossover networks that work hand-in-hand with the “HAL-like” DSP inside the VUEDrive systems engines. All of this is kept inside durable, die-cast aluminum enclosures that are equal parts stylish and functional. The e-Class subwoofer is equally impressive, thanks to our patent-pending Active Compliance Management (ACM) technology, which enables extended response and sound pressure levels equal to or greater than larger systems that rely on more conventional vented designs. Pulling it all together is the VUEDrive V242 Systems Engine, which empowers e-Class systems with Dante networking, sophisticated DSP and full network remote control via SystemVUE software on iOS, Mac OS, and Windows.

Visionary Solutions brought its highly anticipated PacketAV Duet Wallplate Encoder to the show. The PacketAV Duet Wallplate Encoder provides powerful 4K UHD Video and Dante/AES67 Audio encoding over Gigabit Ethernet in a convenient wallplate form-factor. It can be easily mounted in a wall, tabletop, lectern, or floor box using a standard 2-gang US or UK back box, and connected to power (standard POE) and Ethernet using only a single category cable. Visionary’s PackeTV® and PacketAV® products can be deployed on any industry standard IP network. They can be used on existing enterprise IP networks or a physically separate parallel network [private network] to offload traffic, using the same network protocols, methods, and devices but without intermingling of video traffic with data or voice; with equal ease of installation.

What's Next?

With all these updates from our brands, our sales team is ready to bring you more opportunities for your business. Visit us at these upcoming trade shows in Mexico, Australia, and the USA. To schedule a meeting with us, send an e-mail to sales@intlsales.net.

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