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WIN a Morpheus One at CEDIA 2017!

We are giving away a

Morpheus One

All-In-One Server/Player

Stop by booth 2845 at CEDIA San Diego 2017 Say "Hello Morpheus" to be entered into our drawing Winners will be announced at the Show Saturday, Sept 9 at 3 p.m. Winners will be notified if not present by email.

To learn about distribution opportunities in your country, make an appointment with our International Sales Team at CEDIA 2017. Email: sales@intlsales.net

Full featured audio-video server and player all in One

The Morpheus One has a built in Video Movie Server, Transcoder, Metadata scraper and a movie player with up to 4TB of on-board Storage all in a small fanless milled aluminum package.

It also has a built in Audio Server with two independent audio zones with internet radio and many of your favorite streaming apps.

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