Founded in 2004, the engineers at APB DynaSonics have been at the forefront of mixing technology for over 50 years.

In the development of APB DynaSonics products, our reference sound is neutral – equal to the sound of a piece of wire. This is accomplished using low phase shift designs, minimizing the use of electrolytic or any other capacitors in the audio signal and using high quality electronic components in well laid out critical designs for optimum performance. Output signals are true to their original inputs, with special care in summing amplifier stages that are considered the most critical stage in audio mixers. They are designed to combine mixed input signals with no compromise, accurately retaining of all signals content and the subtle nuances of the original signal. Once signal integrity is lost in digital sampling and combining, it can never be recovered.

Analog data is continuous, allowing for an infinite number of possible values. Digital data is discrete, allowing for a finite set of values. Even if you increase sample rates to improve resolution you are still limited by time. As we add more digital signal processing more time is need to process the data. Digital processing power has not yet reached a point which matches the speed of analog circuitry.

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